In The World of #WhiteSupremacistTwitter

Below are the rules and bylaws of #WhiteSupremacistTwitter

  • Follow and support a Black person who is self-hating & who promotes White Supremacists propaganda.
  • Call that self-hating Black person is a “Free Thinker.”
  • Hide your anti-Black, hate behind the “Free Thinker,” by letting them do all the attacks towards Black society.
  • Point the finger at the Democrats, to deflect your anti-Black, hate.
  • Point the finger at the Republicans, to deflect your anti-Black, hate.
  • Criminalize Black society based on small pockets of crimes done by individual Black criminals.
  • Create fake outrage about how “all Whites,” are being labeled as “White Supremacists.”
  • Push half-baked crime data and make up high percentage crime claims about Blacks, to justify your “anti-Black,” hate.
  • Deflect to Chicago when exposed for your “anti-Black,” hate.
  • Pretend to be a Black person to confuse Blacks, on social media.  
  • Uplift Blacks who promote White supremacist values.
  • Pit Black immigrants against foundational Black Americans.
  • Manipulate and use Black LBGT individuals and liberal Black activists to gain resources specifically for the “White LGBT community,” who in return hardly will share resources to help “Black LBGT” individuals or Black society.
  • Pit Black women against Black men to create a gender divide.
  • Claim you are a Constitutionalist, but never speak out when Constitutional rights are denied to Blacks.
  • Only support Stand your ground laws for Whites, not Blacks.
  • Be selective when a person should be considered White or not.
  • Downplay when Whites commit major crimes, like a failed coup against the United States government, by claiming it was harmless.
  • Make sure White criminals only get a slap on the wrist and Black criminals get the maximum.
  • Find a Black person who has no connection to Black society (other than their skin color) to be the voice for Black society.
  • Pretend to be a fan of Malcolm X, while selectively highlighting what he said about liberals while leaving out the part where he said both political parties were an enemy to Blacks and that America is a complete system of White supremacy, regardless of the political party.
  • Pretend to be a fan of Martin Luther King Jr. while pushing the idea that Blacks should be humble and turn the other cheek while facing White Supremacy, leaving out the fact that MLK spoke & wrote about Foundational Black Americans getting reparations from America, for her sins against Blacks.  
  • Highlight that Democrats started the KKK, but don’t mention that Republicans owned slaves too, while also sharing similar anti-Black, values. 
  • Show your hate for socialism and communism, but leave out the fact that many German communists and activists, aka “Forty-Eighters,” emigrated to America and joined the Union army and the Republican Party.
  • Always deny the existence of White Supremacy at all costs.
  • Troll anyone who speaks out against White Supremacy.
  • Justify every time someone Black in society is harmed by someone White.
  • Blame mental illness every time someone White does a high-profile crime.
  • Blame Jews for using Blacks to attack White Society.
  • Promote and support degenerate behavior in Black society but attack those who promote manhood and masculinity, by calling it, “toxic.”  
  • Promote and praise “do nothing / do little policies,” which specifically do nothing to impactfully help Black society. In other words, only support “symbolic gestures” when it comes to helping Blacks. Nothing tangible.
  • Speak out against Blacks getting reparations by claiming that you had nothing to do with slavery while ignoring the fact that Blacks currently are paying taxes of which go directly to Israel and Native Americans, payoffs from crimes committed by Whites, not Blacks. 
  • Claim Blacks are responsible for a nationwide attack against Asians while downplaying the fact that very few if any Asian businesses located in Black communities have been targeted, and that most pg the killings of Asians have been done by White individuals. Make up random false claims to promote the idea that Blacks are targeting Asians while downplaying that more hate crimes are done by Non-Hispanic Whites against White Hispanics.
  • Tell Black society that they should apologize and take responsibility when lone-wolf individuals within Black society commit a crime while distancing White criminals from White society. 
  • Make Blacks the face of degenerate behavior, by using hashtag groups to attack prominent Blacks in society, while creating safe spaces for Whites practicing similar behaviors.
  • Use terms like “We Wuz Kangs,” and “Muh,” to deflect & still attack Black society, any time a Black person points out culture appropriation within White Society.
  • Anytime a Black person commits a crime, share their identity and all their history and affiliates on social media, even if the person in question is a child. If a White person commits a similar crime, take forever to post the individual’s image and try to humanize them instead of focusing on their crime. Scrub their history off social media before going public.
  • When accused of being racists, make sure to roll out a “FREE THINKING” Black person, to speak on your behalf. Call that person your “friend.”
  • Use words like Nationalists and denounce words like White supremacists, despite the fact you think Whites are intellectually superior to Blacks, on average, via IQ. 
  • Make sure to remind “Black Twitter” that Blacks could not even invent a Wheel and that Blacks have contributed little to nothing concerning “Western Civilization.”
  • Claim that a White man from Syria, responsible for multiple murders, is not White and has no connection to Whiteness but brag that Ancient Egyptians were as close to White as one can get. 
  • When you have been defeated, change the rules and the laws so you can win next time. 
  • Make news laws and continue to use bias and white privilege when enforcing the law. Call it progress. 
  • Push for and promote crime laws that target Black society, by making false exaggerated claims. Leniently punish Whites or non-Blacks for hate crimes against Blacks. Don’t list hate crimes against Blacks as hate crimes. 
  • Continually tell Blacks to stop being a victim, while ignoring the storming of the capital walls for feeling victimized during a presidential election. Never own up to being a victimizer. 
  • Call a Black person a “race-baiter” and “Black Supremacist” for calling out White supremacy, while never showing exactly what their views are regarding race. Pretend as if the so-called Black supremacists have a history of creating laws to harm White society in America. 

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