Knowing America’s Political Process & Strategically Using It To Obtain Reparations

Brother Saye 

1) Without the establishment handpicking a shortlist of individuals to represent you in Congress or in the White House, who would endorse to be the next president of the United States in 2024? Who currently represents you and your community, working in Congress, and what specific legislation have they passed or are they trying to push into law?

2) If you are not actively committed to researching and educating yourself about the daily legislations and bills being written, rejected, and passed in the state and federal government, you are not taking your voting rights seriously. Relying on local and cable news, and political pundits often leave you repeating words of individuals who may hold biases, issuing half-truths and misleading talking points.

3) If you cannot list at least five bills passed over the last five years, which have impacted you directly, you are not taking your voting rights seriously.

4) If you do not know the individuals responsible for creating the legislation, which has impacted you over the last five years, you are not taking your voting rights seriously.

5) If you can list five bills passed over the last five years, which have impacted you directly positively or negatively, but you have never taken the time to read the legislation, and you have no idea what the legislation says, most likely your opinions and feelings about these bills are not your original views. Expressing the opinions of others while debating about legislation you have never read often means you are not taking your voting rights seriously.

6) If you often wait for the establishment to hand-pick candidates for you to vote for, you never take the time to learn about those candidates and their voting history and accomplishments, never take the time to examine the legislations which they have created or championed, and you only rely on one-sided media programming to present political stances, then you are relying on the media alone to shape your image and perception of the candidates, and you are not taking your voting rights seriously.

7) If you vote regularly but often find yourself not being able to list one accomplishment of the people you are voting for, you are not taking your voting rights seriously.

8) If you voted in a previous election, and you cannot list five bills, which the individual(s) for whom you voted for has written, passed, or rejected, you are not taking your voting rights seriously.

9) Can you name three state and three federal bills that were passed over the last 20 years that have improved your life directly? If so, do you know the individuals responsible for introducing these legislations and the individuals who supported them?  Do you know the individuals who were in opposition to these legislations?

10) If you think you are obligated to vote for the lesser of two evils and you think people died for you to vote without an agenda, you are not taking your voting rights seriously. It’s ok to hold your vote for leverage during an election so that you can display more power in future elections.

Tracking Tools & Resources

“Yesterday in Congress” provides easy access to legislation introduced, reported, passed, and considered by the full House or Senate each legislative day. Totals for This Congress are calculated below. The most recent legislative business day is listed first. Note that bills may pass in both the House and Senate on the same day, so daily totals might not equal the sum of House plus Senate totals. Bills the president has acted on are in the last column.

Daily proceedings and debates in the US Congress

List of Senators in the Senate by State

List of House Representatives by State{%22congress%22:117}&pageSort=state

Directory for House Representatives by State

Directory for Senators in the Senate by State

Senate Roll Call Votes 117th Congress – 1st Session (2021)

U.S. House of Representatives Roll Call Votes
117th Congress – 1st Session (2021)

List of legislation about law enforcement{%22source%22:%22legislation%22,%22search%22:%22law%20enforcement%22}&searchResultViewType=expanded

Find and contact State Officials


Bill Texts Received Today

Track daily legislation introduced in the House{%22congress%22:%22all%22,%22source%22:%22legislation%22,%22search%22:%22actionDateChamber:\%22117|H|2021-01-28\%22+AND+(billIsReserved:\%22N\%22+OR+type:\%22AMENDMENT\%22)%22}&pageSort=documentNumber:asc&searchResultViewType=expanded

Track daily legislation introduced in the Senate{%22congress%22:%22all%22,%22source%22:%22legislation%22,%22search%22:%22actionDateChamber:\%22117|S|2021-01-28\%22+AND+(billIsReserved:\%22N\%22+OR+type:\%22AMENDMENT\%22)%22}&pageSort=documentNumber:asc&searchResultViewType=expanded

Presidential Actions

List of legislation about reparations – We know that most of the legislation currently being talked about used terms like “study” which is not an actual reparations bill. Our job is to study who is leaning towards reparations and provide them with a real reparations proposal to present to congress. Two bills introduced in 2021 about “studying reparations.”{%22source%22:%22legislation%22,%22search%22:%22reparations%20%22}&searchResultViewType=expanded

The 1up Reparations Strategy

How to get this Reparations legislation passed through Congress:
This is what needs to happen immediately after the 2020 Election.

Have no loyalty to either political party moving forward.

Every American city with a Black majority needs to groom & roll out new representatives who support reparations. (State and local government.) These individuals need to run for office while being in full support of the reparation’s proposal above. These individuals must be vetted and must be 100% down with reparations for Black Americans. They will ultimately run for state and local government jobs on a platform promoting the issues above. The community will put money behind these candidates to get them elected into state and local government (in majority Black districts) with the specific agenda of passing the demands listed into law. These individuals will be expected to start writing our proposal into reparations legislation while they are on the job.

Meanwhile, we will hold each representative accountable for promoting and fighting for the
demands listed above. They will be given annual report cards, which we will share this with the
entire community. We will host community propaganda events to spread the word on the progress, or failure, of each representative, selected. If they decide, the hip-hop community can
help us praise individuals who are effectively tackling the issue. Those not getting the job done
must be called out on their shenanigans during these annual meetings and events. There needs to be a national convention where all these selected leaders from majority Black districts can share what is working for them while asking others for assistance. This is a time where Blacks across the nation get to find who the smartest and most effective leaders are in the country.

We get to see the best orators and the best problem solvers. This is how Black communities can decide who we need to send to the federal government to speak on our behalf. There should be a working relationship and a respect for those who are being sent to Congress on behalf of Black communities across the US. Those headed to congress need to fully support the reparations proposal above.

Anyone running for the presidency of the United States will be judged by a national report card showing who has done the work in helping Black people, and who has not. They must support the proposal presented in this article and speak on it often during their campaign. They must also be ready to push our reparations legislation into law as soon as they take office.
(Concept by Brother Saye)

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