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My first encounter with Jim Hoft and the Gatewaypundit was back in 2014 when I read a article titled, “Inconvenient Truth… Blacks Commit 25X More Violent Assaults Against Whites Than Whites Against Blacks.” For those of your not familiar with Jim Hoft and the Gatewaypundit, Jim Hoft founded The Gateway Pundit (a political blog website) around 2004, and it became popular during the United States presidential election. Jim Hoft claims to, “speak the truth” and to “expose the wickedness of the left.” Instead of being known for his news and opinions, Jim is instead known for publishing falsehoods, hoaxes, and conspiracy theories. After Trump’s election, Jim was granted press credentials by the White House and currently has over 347 thousand followers on Twitter alone.

Several of the many lies and blunders by Jim and the Gateway Pundit include:

  • Falsely identifying Joel Vangheluwe, a Michigan resident, as the driver who drove a vehicle into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing one, during a White supremacist rally in Charlottesville, in 2017. The actual driver was James Alex Fields, a 20-year-old man from Ohio, who was indicted on 10 counts, including first-degree murder, for the incident. Many argue that the Gateway Pundit used Vangheluwe as political pawns to shift the blame from alt-right extremists to an innocent 20-year-old boy.
  • Falsely identifying Geary Danley as the shooter in the Las Vegas shooting of 2017, putting him and those around him in danger. The actual shooter was Stephen Paddock who was found dead in a hotel room.
  • In February 2018, The Gateway Pundit published a propaganda article falsely stating that the Stoneman Douglas High School shooter, Nikolas Cruz, was a registered Democrat. The blunder forced the propaganda blog site to correct the mistake when the truth was revealed that the registered Broward County voter was another student with a similar name.

The reason I decided to write this article is because of a recent Twitter debate I had with a black conservative Trump supporter. He made a claim that Black man was the first to legally own slaves in America, which I knew was a lie. When I asked him to source his claim, he sourced the following article from Jim and the Gateway Pundit, which was no surprise to me.

Reminder: The First Legal Slave Owner in America was a Black Man was Published by Jim Hoft on June 17, 2020 – https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/06/flashback-first-legal-slave-owner-america-black-man/ This claim has long been debunked, so Jim knows better, but this is what Jim does for a living. He lies and misinforms his readers, likely purposely.

In his article, Jim writes, “In 1651 Anthony Johnson owned 250 acres, and the services of four white and one black indentured servants. The black indentured servant John Casor (Casar, Cazarao, and Corsala) demanded that Johnson release him after his seven years of indenture.” In the article, Jim also highlights the following: “In a 1916 article, John H. Russell wrote, “Indeed no earlier record, to our knowledge, has been found of judicial support given to slavery in Virginia except as a punishment for a crime.” Jim is all over the place. Jim mentioned that Johnson owned property with white and black indentured servants. Indentured servants are not slaves. Indentured servitude was not a lifetime deal, but rather a contract to work for a certain number of years in exchange for a safe passage to the Americas.

Let me put this all into context.

Before the decision of Johnson vs. Parker in 1654, slavery existed in many parts of the territory that would eventually become the United States of America. The earliest forms of outright chattel slavery were practiced by the Spanish in Florida in the mid-1500s. That predates Johnson vs Parker by 100 years.

In 1641, Massachusetts legalized slavery with its Massachusetts Body of Liberties. This charter specifically defines that a person could be owned if they were captives of war, willingly sold themselves or were sold to a person, or if they were judged to servitude by authority, meaning a sentence resulting normally as punishment for a crime. Connecticut also legalized slavery in 1650.

Both of these instances occurred before 1654.

In 1640, the General Virginia Court ruled on the Emmanuel case. Emmanuel was a negro who attempted to run away with fellow white servants. Their plan was spoiled, and they were all sent to trial. The white servants got whippings and had their time of service extended. The Negro, Emmanuel, received whippings and was branded with an “R” on his cheek, but was given no additional time of service. Historians believe he received no additional time because he was already a slave for life and thus couldn’t be sentenced to serve any additional time.

In 1640, three runaway servants were captured and tried in Virginia County Court by their owner Hugh Gwyn. Two of them were white, and 1 of them was a black man named John Punch. The two white servants received lashings and had their contracts of indenture extended. John Punch, however, received a harsher punishment. On top of 30 lashings, John Punch was reduced from his former status of limited time servitude to being enslaved for the remainder of his life. This is the first legally recognized instance of slavery in the English Colonies, and it occurred 14 years before Anthony Johnson and John Casor. Thus, Hugh Gwyn is the first legally recognized slave owner in Virginia and the English Colonies. The records of Emmanuel and Punch show not only that Negroes were treated more harshly than their white counterparts, convicted of the same crime, but negroes were being-reduced to lifetime servitude. This is how historians define slavery in the colonies vs indentured servitude.

On 24 July 1651, Johnson acquired 250 acres of land under the headright system by buying the contracts of five indentured servants, one of whom was his son Richard Johnson.

What you have here is Anthony Johnson purchasing property that came with indentured servants as part of the purchase.

Jim Points out that in 1653, John Casor, a black indentured servant whose contract Johnson appeared to have bought in the early 1640s, approached Captain Goldsmith, claiming his indenture had expired seven years earlier and that he was being held illegally by Johnson. A neighbor, Robert Parker, intervened and persuaded Johnson to free Casor. Historians claim Parker (the White neighbor) offered Casor work, and he signed a term of indenture to the planter. Historians have documented that Anthony Johnson sued Parker in the Northampton Court in 1654 for the return of Casor.

History shows that the court initially found in favor of Parker, but Johnson appealed. In 1655, the court reversed its ruling. Finding that Anthony Johnson still owned indentured papers on John Casor, and the court ordered for him to be returned, with the court dues paid by Robert Parker. In other words, A White man was trying to undermine Johnson and break a negotiated contract that was established by the previous White land-owner between Johnsons “Black” indentured servant named, Casor. Also, no record says that the White indentured servants worked a day for Johnson once he purchased the land. That is why Jim has no clue what became of the White indentured servants. 

Jim also fails to mention that when Johnson died in 1670, his plantation was given to a white colonist and not to Johnson’s children. A White judge ruled that he was “not a citizen of the colony” because he was Black. The fact of the matter is that Jim and the Gateway Pundit is a Right-wing propaganda thinking tank, and Jim himself is a White supremacist promoting anti-Black propaganda. The more I study Jim, the more he seems to be the most influential and dangerous propagandist and pusher of misinformation and half-truths. I place Jim above Jared Taylor because Jim is not an open White supremacist/White nationalists like Jared Taylor. I suggest we keep a close eye on the misinformation promoted by Jim Hoft and “The Gateway Pundit” moving forward.

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