What Are Descendants of American Slaves/Foundational Black Americans, Demanding?

Brother Saye @sayetaryor

What Are Descendants of American Slaves/Foundational Black Americans, Demanding?

Reparations Across the Board

Reparations Details –

We demand $14 trillion in reparations – $350,767 per person who has a documented history of identifying as Black, who can legally show they are a descendant of a Black American slave.

We demand Free Education for the next 50 years. This should come with community control of our public schools, with a community oversight board that has ultimate approval or refusal power over the hiring and firing of all instructional, support & administrative personnel. We require Black Male & Female teachers and principals that reflect the population of our children in the schools inside of our communities. Building Trade Programs should be mandatory and part of the graduate program (carpentry, auto, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, etc) with state license track curriculum for at least half of our high schools. Eliminate college loan debt to all Blacks. We require that all abandoned public schools, educational centers, and community & recreation centers be given to the Black community, free of charge, to be operated, at the community’s expense, rather than sold to financially exploitative and racially hostile developers.            

We demand a comprehensive small business grant & non-interest loan program for African American high school graduates who prefer entrepreneurship rather than college.

We require that each state passes legislation for a post-high school entrepreneurship program with financial support from the federal government.

We demand that the murderers of unarmed Blacks by those in law enforcement be charged with first-degree murder. 3rd-degree murder and manslaughter charges are an insult to the collective intelligence of African Americans and are used only to protect the killers from facing true justice & punishment for their crimes. Under 3rd-degree murder charges in Minnesota, Officer Chauvin can be merely sentenced to probation and sent home.

We demand the creation of tougher laws that call for the immediate & speedy indictment of police officers on the charge of 1st-degree murder whenever unjustifiable homicide takes place.

We require that all police be hired from inside the communities where they work and must be reflective of the racial composition of that community. No officer can be hired from an outside community.

We demand an end to mandatory minimum sentencing for non-violent offenses; and we demand the termination of forced plea bargaining due to the accused’s inability to provide financially for effective counsel.

We demand the expungement of all criminal records for non-violent felonies where the ex-felons have not committed another felony for a period of not more than ten years.

We demand an end to the gentrification of our Black communities through increased rent fees, property tax hikes & imminent domain scams.

We demand that all white banks doing business with local, state, or federal government be forced to provide matching home & business loans and grants for Black residents that are equal to what they provide for non-Blacks.

We demand that funding be dedicated to the creation of a full-service Black hospital, completely staffed by licensed medical personnel or our race, in each of the top 100 most populated Black cities in America. We require that these hospitals be built within existing Black communities, not in white suburbs. We require that healthcare be freely subsidized at these hospitals by local, state & federal government.

We demand an immediate end to forced vaccination protocols for all African Americans who choose not to participate. No insurance company, employer, school, physician, or hospital can mandate that Black people acquiesce to demands for immunization. We require an immediate end to all public & charter school vaccination requirements.

We demand that the Black farmer’s movement be appropriately subsidized with non-GMO crops, non-genetically engineered animals, & transport equipment so that they can help us transform the abandoned schools located in our communities into fully functioning Black Community Organic Produce & Food Markets. With the right financial support from local, state & federal government our Black farmers can help us eliminate food & nutrition deserts that are rampant in the Black community. – (Original Concepts by Dr. Umar Johnson)

An agenda addressing only Black People

Not People of Color or Minorities

Top Priority is Black Empowerment

We want the total dismantling of White Supremacy

We want Laws acknowledging that White supremacists and police violence is a Human Rights violation

Schools should no longer be weaponized against Black Children

Remove images of institutionalized racism from public grounds

Mandatory public and private contracts reserved for Black businesses

The Black Authority – New Black MediaListen To Full Demand Below

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