30 Influential Personalities On Twitter, Retweeting Anti-Black Rhetoric, Names, & or Propaganda

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While Blacks continue to uprise against the system of White Supremacy in America, White supremacists are flocking to social media to share their disdain. Below are 30 platforms on twitter where White supremacists feel comfortable retweeting, spewing anti-Black rhetoric, calling Blacks names, and pushing lies and propaganda about Black society. I can not say for sure if any of these influential personalities are actually White supremacists, but this is indeed left open for speculation. In several of their defense, many of the personalities below will say, we call anyone a “RayCiS,” who disagrees with them. They will do this while using Black ebonic vernacular, in place of the word, “racists.” DAS Raycis is a term used By White supremacists to make fun of Blacks pointing out the unjust system White Supremacy, and racism in America, while attacking so-called, Black vernacular.

  1. Donald Trump


2) Jim Hoft

3) Stefan Molyneux

4) Lana Lokteff

5) James Woods

6) Mark Collett

7) David Duke

8) Nicholas J. Fuentes

9) Ryan Fournier

10) Katie Hopkins

11) Scott Greer

12) Tucker Carlson

13) Henrick Palmgren

14) Steve Sailer

15) Paul Joseph Watson

16) Charlie Kirk

17) Laura Ingraham

18) Ben Shapiro

19) Sean Hannity

20) Tomi Lahren

21) Mark Dice


22) Mike Cernovich

23) Michelle Malkin

24) Dinesh D’ Souza

25) Colin Flaherty

26) Bill Mitchell

27) Andy Ngo

28) Dana Loesch

29) Ethan Ralph

30) Kimberly Morin

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