Joe DeMarco, New Jersey Corrections Officer, & Jim DeMarco, FedEx Employee, Two Trump Supporters Reenact George Floyd’s Death at a Protest


By Brother Saye

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Joe and Jim DeMarco. are the two brothers (suspected White supremacists) who were involved in a reenactment of the death of George Floyd. The incident took place in Franklinville, New Jersey, during a peaceful protest, on Sunday, where the two White men were recorded by several protestors, as videos have since, gone viral. Chants of “All Lives Matter,” and, “Black Lives Matter, To No One,” were heralded towards the protesters, from the suspected White supremacists, and their enterouge of thugs and antagonizers. Multiple individuals standing near the two brothers, in front of a truck with a Trump flag, have yet to be identified.

Joe DeMarco has since been “suspended” from his job as a corrections officer at a New Jersey facility “pending a full investigation of the incident.” 

Contact Info

Central Office Headquarters address and phone number see below:
Whittlesey Road
PO Box 863
Trenton, NJ 08625
Phone: 609.292.4036
Fax: 609.292.9083

Correctional Staff Training Academy 732-282-6020

On Tuesday evening, the New Jersey Department of Corrections posted a statement addressing the behavior of their employee, without naming Joe DeMarco.

The statement reads:

We have also been informed that Jim DeMarco, a former FedEx employee, was fired Tuesday, according to the official FedEx Twitter account.

FedEx also issued a statement Tuesday, Without naming Jim DeMarco as the employee in question,

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