Mainstream Media Tries to Blame Vandalism Mainly on Blacks, But The Evidence Proves Them Wrong

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As many of you know, there is a current uprising in America. Many say this uprising has been ignited due to the continuous killing of unarmed Blacks throughout America, where non-Blacks, responsible for killing unarmed Blacks, are too often are allowed to walk out the court system, while never being punished for their heinous crimes. The following chart demonstrates what many believe to be the current system of White supremacy in America.

white supremacy

The mainstream media has highlighted that vandalism and looting are taking place during the current uprising, but many are trying to make the looting and vandalism about angry Blacks, destroying property in their “own communities.” The following below, shows another narrative, debunking the characterizations of the mainstream media. To be fair and balance, per capita, we are not sure how many Whites or Blacks are responsible for vandalism and looting taking place.


Strange behavior by the Mainstream Media


People are leaving bricks around buildings to set up Protestors





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