Message to The Liberian Government

By Brother Saye


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Greetings – This article, inspired by the philosophy and opinions of the honorable “Marcus Garvey,” was written to spark dialogue throughout the diaspora, and is not a personal attack against anyone. Liberia is a small country located in West Africa. 

Dealing with Foreign Investors 

The Liberian government should consider the number of jobs that can be created for “Liberian citizens,” when creating incentive programs for potential investors. The Liberian government should evaluate the level of investment towards Liberia by possible investors and should always consider the strategic benefits to Liberia’s long-term national goals. Liberia should only work with investors who commit substantial resources creating high-quality jobs. In my opinion, the Liberian government should only work with investors who are willing to participate 100% in training programs that upgrade and improve the skill level of “Liberian workers.”

The Liberian government should consider the following

Allow investors who meet the qualification above to receive tax incentives, and a priority should be placed towards income tax deductions and exemptions in priority business sectors focusing on rural development.

Seek investors aka “partners” to aid Liberia in developing the country’s national infrastructure and energy and power sectors. Once again, the Liberian government must enforce the process that all foreign business partners employ and train Liberian workers before being allowed to invest in Liberia.

A major goal should be to build, expand, and modernize Liberia’s healthcare system, infrastructure, & manufacturing capabilities. The same can be said for the educational system and financial sectors. Liberia can approach investors and potential partners by offering additional tax incentives to foreign investors, like partial and even total relief from paying income tax. Tax incentives should also come in the form of exemptions from sales tax, import, and excise taxes.

The World Bank’s 2017 Doing Business Survey ranked Liberia 172 out of 190 countries, pertaining to the ease of doing business. Liberia needs to rank in the top 25. Liberia’s government must create new consistent protocols with strict guidelines, creating proficiency, in terms of contract enforcement.

Liberia needs to think outside the box to find new ways to create an attractive business-friendly environment for potential investors.

Potential investors often walk away from Liberia, while highlighting Liberia’s lack of infrastructure, and low private sector capacity. The citizens of Liberia, and the leaders of Liberia, must display no tolerance towards individuals partaking in weak regulatory behavior, and those participating in government corruption. The will and desire of Liberian citizens to demand transparency, and to uphold transparency must exist, in order to gain the trust of potential investors.

Liberia’s common leverage to improve the countries national infrastructure, healthcare, educational system, and energy and power sectors, is the ability to provide the trade of rubber, timber, palm oil, iron ore, and gold. Liberia must find creative ways to maximize the production and trade of each. The Liberian government is also expected to do a better job of negotiating profitable deals with China, America, India, the European Union (EU), and other nations. Negotiations must always benefit the best interest of Liberia and her citizens. Liberia needs to also reach out to Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Senegal, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, and new countries as potential trading partners. How does Liberia not have another African nation as a major export or import partner, on a continent with 50 + surrounding countries? In 2017, Liberia exported $1.02B and imported $3.47B, resulting in a negative trade balance of $2.45B, which is unacceptable. Liberia needs to get more value from exports then they spend on imports.

Quality of roads

The road network in Liberia is greatly underdeveloped and among the least developed in West Africa. Too many roads are unpaved and there is major deterioration on highways due to a lack of maintenance. Too many roads are inaccessible, and less than a quarter are classified as all-weather roads. Despite current loans and ongoing debt, projects like the “Trans-West African Coastal Highway” need to be a priority to boost trade and commerce and should not be neglected. Steady and continued upgrade and maintenance of highways like, “Suakoko Highway,” needs to be a priority. Economically strategic road developments throughout Liberia are needed to aid in negotiations with potential investors.

Trucking transportation

Liberia needs to invest in its trucking transport industry. The local truck market is not very well developed. Only a limited amount of old second-hand trucks should be imported from abroad. Buying new trucks, and training young drivers to efficiently maintain and drive these trucks is just as important as building and maintaining new roads. Truck driving and vehicle maintenance should be lucrative careers for young Liberians. Transporting goods strategically improve the economy of Liberia. Liberia can find investors in the trucking company business who utilize new trucks, with the promise of road development, expansion, and road maintenance.

Quality of air transport infrastructure

The country of Liberia should have domestic and international airline presence and capability. Aviation provides a worldwide transportation network, which makes it essential for global business and tourism. It plays a vital role in facilitating economic growth, particularly in developing countries like Liberia. Air transport will cover its infrastructure costs, better than road and rail, and be a net contributor to national treasuries, through taxation. 40% of international tourists travel by air and the air transport industry will generate jobs globally for Liberians. Air transport helps facilitate tourism by generating economic growth to alleviate poverty while providing employment opportunities. There needs to be serious consideration towards funds set aside for quality air transport infrastructure.

Quality of railroad infrastructure

Quality and functioning rail infrastructure are essential for Liberia to develop a globally competitive economy. As an important part of Liberia’s infrastructure, major rail needs to be strategically operational throughout the country. Rail revitalization projects, when implemented strategically, will improve the economy of Liberia. The financial investment into rail infrastructure will pay off if it functions in the best interest of Liberia and her citizens. There is no reason for Liberia not to have multiple fully operational freight networking systems throughout the country. We must also consider that shipping by train is more environmentally friendly. Rail transport is cost-effective and can haul larger loads than trucks. There should be a commission created to study the potential of commercial passenger rail production and implementation, for the future of Liberia.

Quality of port infrastructure

Port Infrastructure plays an important role as well. The Liberin government must consider the following:

Liberia’s natural resources must be a business case for the port’s existence

There must be enough land and sea-space for the initial development and future expansion, Residential and commercial operators should not have to fight for space.

Liberia’s port needs to have access to efficient transport modes with enough capacity (road, rail, river, etc.) Products need to be able to get to and away from the port quickly, without sitting unproductively.

Liberia’s port needs to accommodate vessel arrivals/departures with and efficient loading/unloading


  • Internet connectivity and mobile network connection should be considered basic infrastructure in Liberia. The Liberian government should seek investors looking to aid in improving the countries digital development. There should be competition, efficiency, and expansion.
  • Liberia is the center of raw rubber material and should be a key player in the shoe manufacturing business. Investors should not have to go to China, India, Ethiopia, or anywhere else to get their shoes manufactured when the hub of rubber production is in Liberia. Liberia should be the hub of shoe manufacturing globally. The largest shoe manufacturing company needs to be in the country of Liberia, and Liberia should be known for its high-quality shoe manufacturing.
  • Liberia constructing the largest steel factory plant in West Africa is a good start – But the key is for the factory to first benefit Liberia and her citizens, before anyone else.

Quality of Education infrastructure

Free Vocational Education with immediate access to real jobs is the key to get the youth back into the schools

  • The Liberian government is heading in the right direction by allowing government ran schools to be free of charge. Now the emphasis needs to be on teacher training and recruiting. You do this by providing competitive wages. The Liberian government should allow dual citizenship to Blacks throughout the diaspora. The government should create work programs where Blacks throughout the diaspora have access to paid housing and to eventually own land in Liberia if they are willing to be committed to 5 years of productively working the educational system in Liberia.

Investing in Liberia’s entertainment industry is important to cultivate the minds and support of the youth. Liberia’s youth will embrace education if they see viable opportunities in the time invested. The government must reach out to Artists to help promote the importance of education, by adding entertainment as part of the educational curriculum. Entertainment is more than just being an artist. The entertainment industry consists of video and sound engineers, recording engineers, Music teachers, lawyers, communication majors, marketing and advertising, accountants, truck drivers, producers, journalists and writers, videographers, transportation logistics, audio production, agents, and much more. Entertainers need to be able to perform and travel to earn income. The government should make a deal with aspiring artists. Those willing to go back to school to learn how to build roads, drive trucks, and aid in construction projects, should be aided in hosting and performing in annual music events hosted and produced by the Liberian government. In turn, the government should also provide access to state line music and video equipment to those successfully participating in the educational and work programs, ser forth by the government.

Liberia’s educational system should provide additional free vocational schools with an emphasis on the following:

Truck driving

Mechanical truck maintenance

Road and bridge construction

Rail construction

Agricultural and farming

Iron Ore mining

Shoe manufacturing

Rubber manufacturing

Steel manufacturing

Tire Production

Transportation and logistics

Hotel management and tourism

Healthcare and nursing

Some of the obvious needs are new facilities and new books. Old hand me down history books from European nations and America should be rejected. Older history books should consist of books found on my website  – A Free food program would also be a way to entice Liberia’s youth back into the schools. Free quarterly sporting competitions and events should be awarded to young Liberians excelling in school. Independent publishing companies should be given contracts to publish new schoolbooks with more Liberian based curriculums. Young Liberians need to see images of people who look like them in their schoolbooks.

Quality of healthcare infrastructure

I am not qualified to give a sound analysis of how to fix the healthcare system in Liberia, but I would suggest that the Liberian government build an alliance with Cuba for support. Cuba would be an excellent ally for providing the necessary training needed for future Liberian healthcare workers. Liberia’s healthcare system may even need to mimic Cuban’s healthcare system in general. Obvious upgrades in facilities and equipment are a given. There should be a medical education system connected to the countries healthcare system, and Liberia should lean more towards a socialized healthcare system. The Liberian government should allow dual citizenship to Blacks throughout the diaspora. The government should create work programs where Blacks throughout the diaspora have access to paid housing and to eventually own land in Liberia if they are willing to be committed to 5 years of productively working and educating within the healthcare system in Liberia.




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