2020, A time for White American’s To Stop Hiding Their Anti-Black Hate Behind Non-Factual Crime Data Claims like 13/50 – Part 1

By Brother Saye



White America has long promoted the lie that Blacks are prone to Violence, to justify law enforcement harming Blacks, and it’s time to put an end to this wicked, demonic propaganda, in 2020.

The infamous lie created by White supremacists and their sympathizers, and often used by people throughout American society, is that Blacks are 13% of the population, yet Blacks are responsible for 50% of all the Murders/Violent crimes in America. There is not FACT behind this bogus claim, yet many have gone out of their way, often misinterpreting FBI crime data, to make fallacious arguments in support of this foolish claim.

People who spew this falsehood often use three sources to try to defend this bogus claim. In this article – I will highlight and dismantle, an often-used pseudo, go-to source, many often refer to, when arguing that the 13/50 claim is legit.

A favorite source often used when making the false claim that Blacks are responsible for 50 percent of the murders is an outdated pseudo report written by BJS statisticians Alexia Cooper and Erica L. Smith. This report is known as “The Homicide Trends in the United States, 1980-2008,” (NCJ 236018) and it was published Wednesday, November 16, 2011. The 52.5 percent Black murder offenders claim, between 1980 and 2008, is found in table 7 of this research. Nowhere in their research did Cooper and Smith present a specific number of documented murders by Blacks, between the time they claim to have researched.

2011 face

 Read Document In Full Here

The data is filled with cherry-picked information and does not even reveal how many specific murders were committed by Blacks out of the 565,636 documented murders during the years between 1980 to 2008. Cooper and Smith show percentage after percentage while never showing the methodology used in obtaining these percentages, all throughout the research. The reader never gets to see where the percentages are coming from. The research fails to show the total documented murders along with the specific individual murders committed by Blacks, each year. This data leaves out the fact that most of the law enforcement agencies who did not provide crime data, were agencies mostly located in White suburban, non-metropolitan and rural towns. Research with a sound methodology has basic components that anyone should recognize. Since Cooper and Smith claim blacks were responsible for over 50% of the murders from 1980 to 2008 …. They should have been addressed the following in their pseudo research.

How many murders were documented by law enforcement from 1980 to 2008?

The correct total was listed in their methodology …. 565,636. Cooper and Smith admit in their methodology that contributing agencies provided supplemental data for only “508,568” of the documented 565,636 murders. The claim that Blacks were responsible for 50% murders from 1980 to 2008 should be dismissed from that point alone. The data is incomplete. This information should have been highlighted throughout the research when it was first released in 2011.

How many documented murders were committed by someone Black, out of the total documented murders from 1980 to 2008, of the 565,636?

How many of the documented murders did not have a race attached to the offender? The two researchers failed to place emphasis on this, throughout their research, and were guilty of not providing proper context, while opening windows for reckless, fallacious interpretations.

Cooper and Smith used “victims” research, to support their claim regarding “total offenders,” all throughout their presentation. This is a pseudo methodology many white nationalists and white supremacists love to use. I don’t know Cooper and Smith, so I cannot accuse them of being either. I just know the method is pseudo. One might argue that the majority of victims are killed by someone of their own race, but one cannot use this reality to make blind estimates on data that has a specific amount of documented murders. One must evaluate the data as it is, not as one thinks it should be. Just as Cooper and Smith claimed to have researched 1980 to 2008 … I’m going to show you just how simple the research should have looked regarding documented murders, specifically regarding Blacks.

I researched from the year 2009 to 2017, and there have been 138,701 documented murders between the years of 2009 and 2017. Blacks were 51,384 of the murder offenders. That is around 37% … not 50% – I also must acknowledge that there was a large percentage of the documented murders I researched, where the race is unknown. These things should be openly presented with the research when rolling out crime data research because they can change the context of what the data is saying. In the case of my research, Black offenders were responsible for 37% of the documented murders, but that percentage is more likely to be lower, than higher, if we knew the race of the offenders whose race is unknown. I say this because there is a high number of unknown offenders not listed by a race. Whites have a higher population, and since we are resorting to estimates, are more likely to be represented in the race of the unknown offenders.  We see this example in most of the other crimes listed on the FBI crime data table 43 (2017) where Whites are overwhelmingly arrested for most of the individual crimes.

– 68.9 % of all Documented Arrests

– 58.5 % of all Documented Violent Crime Arrests

– 65.5% offenses against family and children

– 70% of all drug abuse convictions

– 63.6% stolen property; buying, receiving, possessing

– 67.5% of rape arrests

– 62.1% aggravated assault arrests

– 70.9% of sex offenses

– 81.7% driving under the influence

– 65.1% Forgery and counterfeiting

– 71.3% Arson

– 66% Motor vehicle theft

– 67.7% larceny-theft

There is no reason for us to expect there would be any difference in how Whites are represented regarding the crime of murder if we knew the race of the unknown documented offenders under the crime of murder. Below is more data from my research from 2009 to 2017.

Year – TDM    

2009 – 15,399     5,890 Black Offenders

2010 – 14,722     5,770 Black Offenders

2011 – 14,661     5,486 Black Offenders

2012 – 14,856     5,531 Black Offenders

2013 – 14,319     5,375 Black Offenders

2014 – 14,164    5,173 Black Offenders

2015 – 15,883    5,620 Black Offenders

2016 – 17,413     6,095 Black Offenders

2017 – 17,284     6,444 Black Offenders

TDM – Total documented murders in America  

I stated the total amount of documented murders for each year, and I presented the total amount of offenders by each year, by race … It is something Cooper and Smith were completely capable of doing but failed to do so, in their 2011 research. I went back to try the same methodology on the years Cooper and Smith claimed to have researched, and I listed the total amount of documented murders for each year but had a hard time finding the total number of Black offenders, for the years between 1981 through 1994. The two researchers most likely went through the same experience and decided to substitute numbers by using data from documented Black victims instead. The problem with that is, not all Black victims were murdered by a Black. Reverting to that fallacious math makes the entire research pseudo. I suspect the two researchers did not present the total amount of documented murders, by year, and the total number of individual offenders responsible for a specific count of murder, by race because it would show that their methodology was fallacious. They, however, revealed some of their flawed practices in the methodology, which the average observer is not likely to ever read.

Year – TDM

1980 – 23,040   6,577 Black Offenders

1981 – 22,520    N/A

1982 – 21,010     N/A

1983 – 19,310    N/A

1984 – 18,690    N/A

1985 – 18,980    N/A

1986 – 20,613    N/A

1987 – 20,096     N/A

1988 – 20,680     N/A

1989 – 21,500     N/A

1990 – 23,440     N/A

1991 – 24,700     N/A

1992 – 23,760     N/A

1993 – 24,530     N/A

1994 – 23,330     N/A

1995 – 21,610     8,285 Black Offenders

1996 – 19,650     6,874 Black Offenders

1997 – 18,208     6,441 Black Offenders

1998 – 16,974   5,647 Black Offenders

1999 – 15,522   5,038 Black Offenders

2000 – 15,517   5,361 Black Offenders

2001 – 16,037     5,521 Black Offenders

2002 – 16,229   5,579 Black Offenders

2003 – 16,528   5,729 Black Offenders

2004 – 16,148   5,608 Black Offenders

2005 – 16,740   6,379 Black Offenders

2006 – 17,309   6,843 Black Offenders

2007 – 17,128   6,463 Black Offenders

2008 – 16,465    5,943 Black Offenders

TDM – Total documented murders in America

Research from Cooper and Smith should have consisted of more transparent data, from 1995 to 2008. We know that they were using supplemental data for “only 508,568” documented murders, because they admitted it, which makes people using their research, to claim Blacks were responsible for 50% of all documented Murders, juvenile, and false. Transparent honest research would have stated all variables used in testing, to the reader upfront …  and would have highlighted (with emphasis) to the readers, about specific aspects of the research that may change the context of the data being presented. In this case, Cooper and Smith failed to “emphasize” the fact that they were not using the actual total amount of documented murders, and that they were cherry-picking Black victim totals with Black offender’s totals. The two researchers failed to show the math that resorted in the percentages they listed all throughout the research …. resorting in all types of “I say it’s true, so it’s true,” claims, and much speculation to be desired and debated. Let’s say I’m wrong in my observation, Smith, and Cooper should have at least presented a comprehensive presentation showing data for each year. They should have listed (by the year) the total amount of documented murders, along with the total number of documented offenders, by race. This would have avoided all the confusion in us trying to figure out where they obtained the random percentages throughout their research, & why no one using their research, to suggest Blacks are responsible for 50% of all documented murders, seems to be able to articulate the methodology used in this research when asked to do so.

Some of the individuals promoting the False 13/50 Propaganda

Others misuse The arrest totals from the annual FBI crime data to support their bogus claims. Most of the people making these false claims often misrepresent what the annual FBI arrest table, is saying. Let’s begin debunking all the false claims, White supremacists use to justify the harming of Blacks in America.

2018 FBI Arrest Total – Table 43 – Read the Table Right Here 

The over 50% claim is strictly based on arrests totals, and not the actual documented murder total of 16,214. Let’s examine this closer. White Supremacists claim that Blacks are responsible for 50% of the murders in the United States, by using arrest totals from Table 43, of the 2018 FBI crime data. The over 50% claim is based on the following math, which does not address murder totals. Table 43 of the FBI crime data is a table that shows arrests totals by race and ethnicity, for the year 2018.

8,957 Total Arrests

4,778 Blacks Arrested

3,953 Whites Arrested



Blacks Represented 53.3% of murder arrests. The documented murder total is not the same as the arrest totals …  and the two should not be confused.

In 2018 There were a total of 16,214 (Table 1 – FBI 2018) & (Table 4 – FBI 2018) reported murders and non-negligent manslaughter cases in the U.S. in 2018.


8,957 people of all races were arrested for Murder in 2018 & 4,778 of those arrested, happen to be Black.

Instead of just saying, 53.3% of the individuals who were arrested, and charged with murder in 2018, were Black, White Supremacists always like to misanalyze the data and say, Blacks are responsible for over 50% of the murders and violent crimes in America. It makes no sense at all. There were 16,214 documented murders in America, not 8,957.

The total documented murders in America in 2018 is 16,214 … so why are White supremacists using the math above to make a false claim? Nowhere in the crime data does it state that Blacks are responsible for 50 plus % of all the Murders in America. As you can see, White Supremacists have misrepresented what the data says. Further research is found in the Expanded Homicide Data – Table 3. This table shows the 2018 murder offenders by age, sex, race, and ethnicity. There were a total of 16,214 reported murder and non-negligent manslaughter cases in the U.S. in 2018, and the expanded homicide data – Table 3, shows the following:

6,318 of the murder offenders were Black

4,884 of the murder offenders were White

312 of the murder offenders were other &

8,375 of the murder offenders were unknown

So Why are white supremacists going around lying, saying Blacks are responsible for 53 percent of the Murders?  If we were dealing with honest or noble men and women. White supremacists are very deceptive, and I’ve shown they are willing to lies, by cherry-picking crime data, and tell half-truths. to maintain their biases and hateful stereotypes. If What they say about Blacks being violent is true, why are they manipulating and lying about the data in the crime research? They are lying because it does not fit their narrative.

Next, we will discuss Per Capita



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