Brother Saye Says Everything You Need To Know About His latest Book, “Analyzing The American Divide”

Brother Saye (Saye Menlekeh Taryor) is an author, Pan African, critical thinking education & social entrepreneur activist, founder of 1up Entertainment/Consulting & the leading voice for, “The 1up Movement.” The Atlanta/Liberian native, is the author of the classic Book, “Overstanding With a 1up Vision, The Critical Thinking Approach to Liberation,” with other published works include, “Child Development and the Importance of Critical Thinking Education,” “The Critical Thinking Approach to Voting,” and the screenplays, “Country Life School,” and, “A Fathers’ Burden.” We recently sat down with Brother Saye, to discuss his upcoming book titled, “Analyzing The American Divide.” Check it out below.

1up Atlanta Examiner: Why did you title the book, “Analyzing the American Divide?”

Brother Saye: By reading my book, you get to see why America has always been a divided nation. You will see how America has not only been divided by race, but how America has always been socially and economically divided. I show how the colonists were divided, and how the founding fathers were divided. I analyze how religion maintained a division in America, and how social divisions in America have always existed. It seemed only right to name it, “Analyzing The American Divide.”

1up Atlanta Examiner: Do you dislike Whites?

Brother Saye: Why would I dislike someone just because of the complexion of their skin color? That makes no sense at all. From my knowledge, Blacks can birth people who have less melanin than most people you call, White. When we birth someone with little to almost no melanin, the entire community still accepts them as one of us. I dislike anyone promoting and embracing White supremacy, no matter their race. I go just as hard on Black coons, as I do White Supremacists. Now if you were to ask me if I feel that all Whites have benefited, directly or indirectly, from White supremacy, or from White privilege, my answer would be, of course. White privilege has nothing to do with a White person not having a hard life, or a White person not having to work hard daily, to make ends meet. We acknowledge there are many Whites who struggle in this capitalists’ monetary economic system. White privilege is Whites not having to go through tough experiences, or additional unnecessary hardships, based mainly because of the color of their skin. It’s more complicated, but that is the foundation.

1up Atlanta Examiner: Why is this book important?

Brother Saye: Just as it’s written in the promotional description, “Analyzing The American Divide” highlights and debunks propaganda promoted by Europeans, towards people of African descent, while addressing charges of cannibalism, high crime rates, low IQ claims by race realists, and the so called, lack of advanced civilizations by Black Africans. This book is a must read for all, as it provides an extensive outlook on how the British, and the Loyalists, viewed the American Revolution, while also illuminating the real dynamics, surrounding America’s Civil War. To add on to that, the book is important because the reader will get to see how America has always been divided among Whites, and how the idea of White, or Whiteness, is constantly changing. For the world to improve, White supremacy must be defeated. For White Supremacy to be defeated, these issues must be laid out on the table, for all to see and discuss.  I was surprised to find out how many White supremacist talking points are currently being embraced and accepted as “truth,” by the mainstream media, and by many Blacks.


1up Atlanta Examiner: What or Who motivated you to write this book?

Brother Saye: I initially started writing this book to tackle and debunk all myths and lies that are currently being propagating and disseminated among White Nationalists and White Supremacists, about people of African descent. I was motivated to do that after engaging in several online disputes about race. I noticed people were beginning to be more open about their racists views, and they were justifying their views as “not racists,” by using pseudo studies by race realists, while justifying the harming of Blacks, by law-enforcement, by using cherry picked crime data, and misrepresenting sound crime data. In this book, I introduce a new phrase that I call, “The White Dilemma.” “The White Dilemma” is what every Caucasian American will experience at some point in his or her life. Are you going to side with White Nationalists and/or White Supremacists? Are you going to speak out against racial injustice, and be considered a race traitor, by the White nationalists and White supremacists? Are you willing to be called a communist, and a self-hating White apologist, filled with unnecessary guilt? Finally, are you going to try to remain neutral? If so, how will you remain neutral when asked to address America’s contradictions, or defend America’s wrongs?

1up Atlanta Examiner: How do you feel about interracial marriage?

Brother Saye: I don’t have a problem with people being with someone from another race, who respects them, and who they respect. In regards to Blacks, I only have a problem when a Black person goes out of his or her way, to show hate towards Blacks, or Black society, while dating out of their race. If you are embracing, and spewing White Supremacist talking points, I’m always going to have a problem with that, no matter who you are with. That’s just me. I find it disturbing when A Black person feels the need to make excuses for White Supremacist behavior, because they are dating someone White. If the person you are with makes you feel uncomfortable speaking out against, or acknowledging White supremacist behavior, you should not be with them.

1up Atlanta Examiner: How did you go about researching, for this book?

Brother Saye: A few years ago, I posted something I found interesting, on twitter, and I received hundreds of responses from people, attempting to debunk and disregard what I had posted. The responders often used meme’s and insults, but every now and then, someone would send a YouTube video, a link to article, or and even a PDF book. I learned that using social media, specifically twitter, was a great way to find counter arguments. I also learned that you can get people on social media to send you research material, “some good and some bad.” Once I figured this out, I would read and select specific themes and claims throughout each literary work, and throw bait to the online community, to see how they would respond to the information. I specifically targeted suspected White supremacists, or people who were already using their platform to talk about whatever topic I wanted to research for that day. The main objective was usually to find a counter argument to what I wanted to promote. I obviously had counter sources from academia, but to my surprise, I found a lot of reading material when debating some of these internet nerds I encountered. I found out about the book, “The Bell Curve,” written by Charles Murray, from debating a suspected White Supremacist on twitter. After reading the book, I found out that most people promoting it on social media, have never even read the book. After reading the book, it made it easier for me to know, what I was debunking, and what I couldn’t debunk, within the research. It made it easier for me to debate with a race realist throwing around random numbers, and listing random research journals, to “prove his or her point.”  

1up Atlanta Examiner: Did you learn anything during your research that you did not already know?

Brother Saye: One of the things I learned is that White Supremacists of all ages have a codified language that they use to either insult Blacks, or to just describe Blacks in general. For example, before writing this book, I never knew about phrases like, “We Wuz Kangz,” and words like, “Muh.” When doing my research on social media, the three most occurrent phrases used were, “facts don’t care about your feelings,” “We wuz kangz,” and “Muh.”  Two of the three caught me off guard, but each one has its own impact and meaning. The Phrase “We wuz Kangz” is used for multiple reason. It’s used to ridicule those who adheres to the idea that Ancient Egypt was a Black civilization. It’s also used to depict Blacks as low IQ individuals, who are unable to speak text English. It promotes the stereotype that most Blacks are only capable of speaking Ebonics, or a “Black vernacular English.” On the other hand, using the term “Muh,” is just another way for White supremacists to hint that they are more intelligent. Both terms are frequently, and randomly used, to minimize the intelligence of Blacks, regardless of our educational background. This lead to me making the infamous “Yellow Meme” that is currently all over the internet.


1up Atlanta Examiner: What will people learn from reading this book that hasn’t already been discussed before, and why should people purchase your new book, “Analyzing The American Divide?”

Brother Saye: There are so many things people will learn from reading my book, but anyone who reads, “Analyzing The American Divide,” will immediately notice how detailed I am in outlining examples of cherry picked crime data, and they will appreciate how I highlight half-truths and lies, which are strategically used, to not only demonize Blacks, but to also justify the harming of Blacks, by law-enforcement. These half-truths and lies are repeated so often, that many educators, and Blacks in general, often believe them to be true.

1up Atlanta Examiner: When is the official release date of your new book, “Analyzing The American Divide,” and where can people purchase your previous and current works?

Brother Saye: The official release date is scheduled for April the 25th of 2019, but you can pre-order “Analyzing The American Divide,” for only $20, at my official website: BrotherSaye.comThe PDF Version of this book is now available for only $11.75

1up Atlanta Examiner: Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers, as we come to the end of this interview?

Brother Saye: We are currently looking to link up with College Unions and Non-profit organizations, in 2019, who are interested in hosting a positive community event, hosting a lecture regarding topics discussed in my new book, and hosting a concert to introduce people to a few underground artists (all in one all-day event.) We are looking to add additional acts and maybe a speaker or two, so feel free to check out more information about this here so contact me at if you are interested. Here is the media kit and form requests for Non-profits, and Student Unions, who are interested. Make sure to follow us on twitter at @1upEnt_Consult or you can always follow me on twitter @Sayetaryor  – Check out my official website, for more updates regarding, “The 2019 Analyzing the American Divide Lecture/Concert.”  Thanks for the interview, and “Stay 1up!”

The 2019 Analyzing the American Divide Lecture/Concert. – MEDIA KIT

2019 lecture tour page 1

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  1. Awesome perspective. I’m eagerly anticipating this book to inspire me to move forward with the mentality of “WE ARE KINGS”!!!!!! While bringing a community or two of seeds to sow and embed the reality of whose really the maker the owner and the cream of this planet.
    Continue forward young man. We need you…


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