Caseeno Van Go Goes One on One with The 1up Atlanta Examiner

The 1up Atlanta Examiner has outdone itself again, with a brand new exclusive. You may not know who he is now, but the entire world will know his name very soon. He goes by the name of, “Caseeno Van Go.” I’ve interviewed a lot of talented individuals over the years, but one of the more interesting, Christopher Cox, aka, Caseeno Van Go, is a up and coming artist with Chicago roots, who currently resides in Atlanta. He is not only a talented rap artist, but he’s an entrepreneur, an entrepreneur with his own clothing line. After listening to his flow, there is no doubt that this kid is official, and it’s only a matter of time before he becomes the next big artist to launch out of Atlanta/Chicago. Let’s see what “Caseeno Van Go” had to say.


1up Atlanta Examiner: Does the name Caseeno Van Go have a specific meaning, and what’s your background? Please introduce yourself to the readers.

Caseeno Van Go: The meaning of the name Caseeno is to take chances. As I always say, you must take chances, to advance. The “Go” comes from Chicago, and the “Van” is from Vincent Van Gogh. It represents me painting pictures with my words. Let’s see … I was born and raised on the eastside of Chicago, and moved away to Indiana with my mother, when I was around 18. I went to school up until my mom passed away, then I dropped out and started working and taking my music more serious.

1up Atlanta Examiner: If you had to use a specific name to describe your rhyme style, what name would you name it, and why?

Caseeno Van Go: I would say conscious turnt music, because I go deep with my rhymes, and there’s that turnt up energetic sound to my music. I just like to make my listeners think a little bit, and you obviously must keep their attention. Fast paced upbeat sounds often come in handy.

1up Atlanta Examiner: Do you feel artists are obligated to comment on social or political issues?

Caseeno Van Go: Naw … I don’t feel that artists should be obligated to. That’s what separates the good artist, from the great artist. You can’t expect everyone to be concerned with the same things that you feel passionate about. Everyone has their niche or specialty, and politics isn’t for everyone, because it may not interest or concern them.

1up Atlanta Examiner: Who have been your main influences throughout your music career?

Caseeno Van Go: My main influences are 2Pac, Lupe Fiasco, Jay Z, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Common, Kanye West, Ludacris, Bone Thugs, Twista, Bump J and Diplomats. They all had a heavy influence early on.

1up Atlanta Examiner: What has the experience been like owning your own clothing line?

Caseeno Van Go: I must admit, it’s been a fun and challenging experience. I love the creative freedom, and the process of just making a living from my own creations. Having people appreciate something that I’m passionate about is amazing. It’s just an overall great experience.

1up Atlanta Examiner: Is the clothing line a way to brand your music, or is it a separate project?

Caseeno Van Go: The clothing line and the music are 2 separate entities. There’s going to be an intercommoning of the two. For instance, there will be original music by me on a FN Reb3lz commercial.

1up Atlanta Examiner: Do you know the difference between entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship? Do you find any value in young children learning about social entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship?

Caseeno Van Go: I believe learning about entrepreneurship is essential to us growing as a nation. It’s a way to create generational wealth in families, while creating more jobs and opportunities for people in our own communities.

1up Atlanta Examiner: What is your outlook regarding Chicago’s Music scene?

Caseeno Van Go: The Chicago music scene is looking better than it’s ever been. Chance The Rapper, Kanye, G Herbo, Juice World, Vic Mensa, King Louie, Lil Bibby, Bump J and a lot of the og’s are still doing their thing, like Twista. It’s honestly the best it’s ever been right now, and continues to bring out new talent.

1up Atlanta Examiner: Do you have any current projects, and what can we expect from you moving forward?

Caseeno Van Go: My most recent project was From London 2 Chicago, and I’m getting ready to drop my 2 single “Welcome to Chicago,” from my “Caseeno Van Go” project.  My new podcast is on YouTube, where I will be dropping videos daily. These video’s will be about hip-hop news, politics, music reviews and more. By the way, FN Reb3lz clothing line is available on

1up Atlanta Examiner: Where do you see Caseeno Van Go, 10 years from now?

Caseeno Van Go: 10 years from now, I would like to have a record label, and see my FN Reb3lz clothing line be successful. I want to see my acting career take off in a strong way, while owning multiple clothing stores throughout the country.

1up Atlanta Examiner: Where should the readers go to purchase previous and new musical projects, and how can they contact you if they are interested in booking you for performances, or public speaking engagements?

Caseeno Van Go: I currently have everything for free on and you may contact me at

Twitter / Instagram / YouTube

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