“The College Football Hall of Fame,” ready to score in Atlanta

College Football Hall of Fame, Atlanta/ Picture Adam Horne

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014, “The College Football Hall of Fame,” opened its’ doors to the media, three days before the official grand opening to the general public. Before we get started, let me suggest that all visitors register for the RFID access card, to enhance and personalize their experience. As soon as visitors enter the 94,256 square feet venue, they will be amazed by a wall displaying 768 college football helmets in the quad. With the RIFD access card, visitors will have a blast interacting with the media wall, which will allow them to see great moments, videos of fans, players, marching bands, mascots, stadiums, and pictures of their selected team. Visitors will also be able to enjoy the 520 plus artifacts on display, and watch over 10,000 video clips. Sounds great? Well it doesn’t stop there. There’s a 45 yard indoor field, and the venue highlights the history of 1,139 inductees. The hall captures the accomplishments and stories of the best players to have ever played the game, and pays homage to the tradition and heritage of the game.


Adam Horne

When asked about the experience of the media wall, “Obscura Digital,” designer and producer of the media wall, reminded us that for real-time interactivity, the display features a countdown clock to inform visitors of the upcoming theater show times. That’s right … visitors will be treated to a 150 seat game day theater with ultra-high definition. As part of the media, we were treated to a featured film, “The Game of Your Life,” on a 40’ by 10’ screen.

The new venue is located near the Georgia World Congress Center on Marietta Street, next to Centennial Olympic Park, near the Georgia Dome. When asked about the economic impact that the venue would have on the state, Georgia’s governor, Nathan Deal, informed me that the annual economic impact is projected to be 12.7 million, and that it will also be self-supporting, with a projected $11.8 million in taxable annual sales.

Hall of Fame inductees, Kevin Butler/University of Georgia, Art Shell/University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Tracy Ham/Georgia Southern, and Danny Wuerffel/Florida, were all in attendance.

A free tailgate event for the grand opening is scheduled for August the 23. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed will host the opening, along with several hall of fame inductees, and several surprise guests. Giveaways and special prizes will also be provided by sponsors.

Tickets: $19.99 for adults, $16.99 for children, and $17.99 for seniors, students and military.
Kids under 3 are free.

Hours: Sunday – Friday 10 AM- 5 PM and Saturday 9 AM – 6 PM

For additional information, directions, or to purchase tickets to the grand opening, visit http://www.cfbhall.com/events/grand-opening/

Official Website: http://www.cfbhall.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cfbhall
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CFBHall

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